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Then I launched iCal just in case and looked for a calendar (or something) representing OF tasks, but there wasn't one (looked in OF Mac app too and saw nothing). I do not believe they are linked, or if so, it is not apparent.
Whoops, I totally overlooked this on my first read-through of your post! If you're running the Mac app in trial mode, just set up Sync, check the "Publish Due reminders as a calendar", and then use the "Subscribe in iCal" button. That'll let you do the same thing I described in my previous post to adjust the color to your liking.

Easiest way to set up sync on your Mac would be to open OmniFocus' settings screen on your iPhone, tap "Sync Method", and then tap "Send Settings via Email. Send that email to yourself, open it in Mail on your Mac that has OF installe, and click the settings link. (Note that Gmail or other web interfaces won't handle the settings link properly. You need to use Mail, Outlook, or similar.)