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You'll probably have to make that a completely separate project and focus on that.

One way to create a big project is to have one big folder holding multiple projects. Make the first one active and the other remaining projects "On Hold".

Then you can use the Focus and Create perspective for that.

Break big project into multiple projects

Folder: Big Cleaning Garage Project

Project 1: Declutter Garage (Active status)

Project 2: Buying all the cleaning materials at hardware Store (On Hold status)

Project 3: Clean Garage (On Hold status)

Project 4: Put things back into Garage (On Hold status)

Set Focus to Project 1: Declutter Garage and create perspective.

There is currently no way to focus in on a subproject. One thing you can do is to use the disclosure triangles to reveal or collapse the subprojects. I think you have to make sure the checkbox for "restore expansion" is checked to preserve the state of each subproject (if it is expanded or collapsed).