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I have reported this via email previously (twice, in fact, in build 94313 (either bug #228382 (in the subject) or #205101 (in the body), and again for 94382 (#229109)). Here's the message that was generated automatically:

Error: Unable to open package.
Reason: (null)


    NSLocalizedDescription = "Unable to open package.";
    NSLocalizedRecoveryOptions = ("Report Error via Email", Cancel);
    NSLocalizedRecoverySuggestion = "Unknown package type.";
    NSRecoveryAttempter = <OFMultipleOptionErrorRecovery: 0x160a9400>;
    "com.omnigroup.framework.OmniFoundation.ErrorDomain.FileLineAndNumber" = "/Volumes/Disk/Users/Shared/omnibuild/ReleaseProduct/Source/OmniGroup/Frameworks/OmniSoftwareUpdate/OSUInstaller.m:71";
I can't think of anything on my system which would lead to this, as nothing's changed on my system or network in the last couple of months, and it happens regardless of where I download from (at work, at home, at a friend's, etc.)

Console generates a message "2007-11-19 21:42:08.317 OmniFocus[2505] Ignoring unknown track 'sneakypeak'" when I click "Check for Updates now" in Preferences, every time.

The file is written out as "OmniFocus-r94800-Alpha.tbz2.bz2" immediately (i.e. it's not being changed by something else).

I'm on 10.4.10