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While talking about default resolution for a vector drawing app seems out of place, it's still appropriate, if only because you can set rulers unit to be either length (I use centimeters) or pixels.

And it seems to me there is a problem:

For my default A4 page canvas (with 0,5 cm margins), the horizontal ruler set to cm, shows my canvas width to be 20 cm. So far so good.

When I switch the ruler units to pixels, it shows my canvas width to be around 567 pixels.

This is equivalent to a resolution of 567/20=28.35 pixels per cm, or (surprise!) 72 pixels per inch.

Is there a way to change that default resolution? I'd rather use a printer friendlier 300 dpi, depending on circumstances.

You might wonder why it makes any difference. After all, it's a vector drawing program.

It does when you paste raster images in there, especially pieces of screen shots (I use Skitch), while my *actual* screen resolution is *not* 72 dpi. I need to scale down all my pasted pictures by a constant factor, which is generally a PITA, all the more so because there is no simple way to do that in Omnigraffle (that I know of).

Thanks for any suggestion.

Edit: I suppose that a workaround can be found with the scale factor. I'll play a bit with that.

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