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I don't use Photoshop anymore, but here is what I did back then.

Since Photoshop is not a vector program, you have to plan for the resolution in advance. I typically used the same resolution as my target printer, which was 300 dpi at the time. You might want to intentionally use a lower resolution (and whole fraction preferably) in a few cases. For example if your target printer is very hi-res, you may not need your canvas to be that hi-res. Or if your targer printer is Blac&White and your document is color, you might expect dithering anyway.

In addition to setting the resolution, you need to also set the physical dimensions, in order to know the number of pixels. In fact among the three parameters (resolution, dimensions, pixels), pick any two, the third results. Pixels = dimensions x resolution (expressed in coherent units of course).

That doesn't help with Omnigraffle problem obviously.