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Hello. I have been using Omniplan for around a month and I find the printing to be a pain. Here are my gripes:

When I view the Omniplan detail in the print dialog box, the resulting dialog box is too big for my Macbook Airís screen. I have to hide my dock in order to use all the buttons.

It would be nice if you could expand all sub-tasks automatically when printing. Itís a pain to have to manually expand everything just for a print, then go back and manually collapse the detail that I donít want to see. Similarly it would be nice if you could separately setup the view options for printing (such as columns viewed and Gantt chart scale) since manually changing everything just for a print then changing it back is a pain. Perhaps the View Options could be extended to allow more than one custom view and also save other view features such as column widths, Gantt chart scale, etc. Then you could just quickly flip between views.

Lastly itís very difficult to get a print that I find satisfactory for my project. I have around 75 tasks spread out over a year and I like to print on A4 in landscape mode and 1 page wide. If I set the print view to show quarters and crop at January 1st I get a 1 page wide and 2 pages high output. However, there is a huge amount of wasted white-space to the right of the Gantt chart and only 4 items on the second page (therefore most of the second page is blank) yet the task font is so small as to be barely readable. Why doesnít it scale everything up to remove the whitespace? The only way I seem to get a reasonable result is to scale the Gantt chart to fit the project then at least most of the second page is used.