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Appreciate the response. Stupid question, I know, but it's not immediately apparent to me how to open two instances of OmniFocus or open one instance with multiple databases open.
* Create a folder somewhere called Old OmniFocus
* Get hold of your existing files and COPY them to that folder. The base is ~/Library/Application Support/OmniFocus

--> most recent database: OmniFocus.ofocus
--> most recent archive: OmniFocus.ofocus-archive

* Put those files in to a ZIP archive and/or do a TimeMachine backup before you do anything further
* Rename the old files (as OmniFocus_old.ofocus and OmniFocus_old.ofocus-archive)
* Quit OmniFocus
* Delete all files in ~/Library/Application Support/OmniFocus
* Open OmniFocus. This will generate a blank database with no archive.

To recall things from your old database or archive, just double click on respective file.