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Have you thought about implementing any features that would support SCRUM?

Our development organization is very much not a plan and control type of group. While there are dependencies to be "managed", they are best not managed (for various reasons) through a detailed list of predecessors and successors on a project plan. What I really want is the ability to do two things:

1. Manage a burndown

I want to be able to enter the tasks within a time period (whether that be the entire project, end-to-end, or a sprint), their effort (the estimates of which may change day-to-day), and then track the burndown of that effort over our time period and compare it against available remaining hours (based on a standard work week).

As a bonus, I want to measure variance against initial estimates, etc., as a way to help future planning.

2. See that by person

I want to see what each person is working on, their own personal burndown, allocation, and all the other good stuff.

Does anyone else have a need for this? I did a lot of plan and control stuff when I worked in professional services, but now that I'm working in internal software development, with fast release cycles, I just find it much less useful.