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What does OmniPlan give you that an Excel (or Google) spreadsheet doesn't?
Ease of use and resource-level reporting. Excel can be used to do a lot of things if you have the time to create all the formulas, but it's not meant to be a PM tool, and I don't want to spend a lot of time futzing with the tool to make it work. In excel, can I create forumlas to give me resource-level data? Sure, but the hope is that the resource-level reporting is all nicely integrated and I don't have to spend a bunch of time with =sumif(blah...) functions.

I really see it as a couple new views on the data, plus some new inputs to support a sprint:

View 1: Burndown graph view

This view would have a filter (by Resource Group, by Person) which would show the Sprint (or project) and its burndown graph.

View 2: Enhanced resource view

This would show, by resource (& group), something like the attached picture.

The rocking, game-changing feature of this would be to make it server-based, and allow team members to update this on their own. Project X has this (a server, & tasks can be updated through an OSX Dashboard widget), but doesn't support SCRUM (as far as I know) and is in general a huge pain in the <ahem> to use.
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