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i love omnifocus, but i have a problem. my problem with omnifocus for the iphone is the length of my action titles. how i work in omnifocus, i tend to write out multi-paragraph-long titles for my actions, and nest them in parent actions to detail out my work. this works very well for me on the mac. the notes fields within the action i rarely use, but do need sometimes for going even further into detail of a certain action or attaching links or files. on the iphone i am extremely limited from entering/editing long titles, and to read existing ones that i entered with omnifocus on my mac and sync to my phone.

currently i can see approximately 256 characters in the read view, and am limited to a single line view for entry/editing. i recommend when you enter a new action or edit an existing one, that the blue arrow button next to the title field leads to a view page for the title and note, and pushing the button next to either of those lead to a normal text entry field, full screen with keyboard, and the cancel/save buttons above as normal. like i have when i enter text into an email in my mail application. plenty of room to type, edit and scroll around.

as it exists now i can not use it on my phone for my real projects, and unfortunately it has become an overpriced backup copy for my mac, and an occasional shopping list.

please fix this, omnigurus!
thanks, ben

(hopefully) helpful screenshots attached.
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