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Hi Josť,
The Mac App Store version does not currently come with the clipping service due to MAS restrictions. You can however install it by downloading OmniOutliner Pro directly from us. Launch that version into trial mode and it will install the service. After you've launched it once, delete that copy of the app so you only have the Mac App Store version left. After you do that, the clipping service should work for you. Some people have encountered OmniOutliner crashing when they try to clip after doing this which should be resolved by rebooting and opening the Clippings tab of the OmniOutliner preferences window.

If you encounter any problems or have anymore questions, please let us know!

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first, thanks for the reply.
On the services menu, shows for instance "Omnifocus: Send to inbox", but nothing about Omnioutliner in any application as Safari, Mail, etc.
I have read that in some version Omnigroup has switch off the clipping service temporarily because some issue related with Mac OS? Is this true?

My mac os is Mountain Lion.

best regards,
Josť Cruz