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I think what I needed was the "." which allows me to start editing the Task as copied into QS so I can add the date (although I have to play with the cursor position first).

Mine was a case where a solo task, with no particular date or time in mind, turned into a concrete meeting on the calendar. There may be times where a Task, maybe in an Agenda project, to make a meeting at some time in the future or after Waiting for... a particular call back can then be scheduled. Like you, I'd rather not touch the trackpad/mouse to interface with iCal. And of course, scheduling a meeting should be done right away if the circumstances allow.

OO has a script to send list items to the iCal ToDo list and, as with Kinkless, I would hope to be able to put the script on the OF toolbar. The advantage of having a separate script is that I could invoke it using LaunchBar (no mousing, and minimal typing). For example, with the new OF<->Mail scripts available on these forums, while reading Mail I just type command-space-aof and there it is in the Inbox.

Maybe I should just learn Applescript. ;-)

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