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Hmm. Not so much "lines" as "canvas elements." And I can see how "jacked up" isn't the most descriptive term. :)

The original canvas has some pieces (canvas name, page #, our logo) in a standard place on the bottom right. I used the Master Canvas to create those & propagate across all canvases.

When I open it up in OG5, those items are (1) shifted sufficiently far to the right that they extend onto a new page and (2) no longer aligned with one another. On a canvas that was one page wide by, say, 5 pages long, this suddenly turns it into a 10 page canvas.

I've tried manually correcting this issue, but it doesn't apply across all canvases (some of my files have as many as 150 of them), and the correction doesn't stick. (That is, I'll correct it, save, move on, then return to that canvas to find the misalignment has returned.)

It is interesting that it seems to be just these 3 elements.

For the moment, I happen to have OG4 still installed on another machine in the office, but I expect these change requests to keep coming for several months, and who knows what'll happen with that machine in the meantime.

I really appreciate your help!