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@Dale: thanks for your help as well!
But I don't get this. Why do i want to add 8 * hours? Do i have to add 72 instead of hours if i want 3 days? :)
I had posted my script modification before I saw Rob Trew also had posted a response. My script has two parts to it; start date of 3 days from the current date, and start time of 8AM.

Part one:

Set the start date to equal the current date.

set theStartDate to current date
Added the start date property to the task to start in three days.

start date:(theStartDate) + (3 * days)
Part two:

Added the option for setting a start time to the start date being added to the task. By default the start time is the time the script is run. I wanted to set the tasks to start at a specific time.

set time of theStartDate to 0 + (8 * hours)
The line above controls the time you want the tasks to start. The "8" means 8AM. If you wanted the tasks to begin at 8PM you would use "20". I like to use start times with my tasks and I could have explained this a lot better.