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I frequently have projects that start with a waiting action that is waiting for another project to finish.

For example, the project "Build Shed" has a first action "Waiting for 'Take down Trees' project to be finished". This action is set to "Waiting".

I review my waiting actions every day and when I finish the "Take down Trees" project, this first waiting action of "Build Shed" will be checked off. Once the waiting action is checked off the project is no longer stalled.

I do this so the project is tracked but not available.

I could put it on hold, but that doesn't keep track of the dependency between the two projects.

I could put a future start date on the project but again there is a dependency between the projects, and I don't know exactly when the first project will be finished.

I suppose I could put both projects under one project named "Back Yard" but then I have one huge project and these are clearly two separate projects.

This is the best way I've found to track projects that have some type of dependency between them.

But the question is, why is a stalled project listed under the "Active" projects? Stalled projects are those that have no available action, so aren't they intrinsically unavailable? I would rather not see a project listed under "Active" projects if there are no actions I can actually do.