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I think it has been found useful to be able to identify and list projects which are still designated as 'active' by the user, but don't have any remaining tasks.
Previous posters captured it pretty well: the intent here is to help you find (and hopefully un-stall) goals you've said you want to accomplish - active projects - but which currently have no way forward.

If we made stalled projects inactive, something you said you wanted to do could disappear off your radar screen entirely. That seems bad - I'd prefer to see something too frequently, rather than not frequently enough. The former is a minor irritation, but the latter can incur real-world consequences, like angry emails to the authors of the software that they're using. ;-)

In any case, if you'd like to get those projects off your active list temporarily, I'd just add a start date in the fairly short term - "friday", "next week", etc. That gets 'em off your active list for a while, but ensures that they don't stay that way too long, either.