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I frequently have projects that start with a waiting action that is waiting for another project to finish.

For example, the project "Build Shed" has a first action "Waiting for 'Take down Trees' project to be finished". This action is set to "Waiting".

I review my waiting actions every day and when I finish the "Take down Trees" project, this first waiting action of "Build Shed" will be checked off. Once the waiting action is checked off the project is no longer stalled.
One solution would be to reverse your dependency.

To use your example, right now you keep the "Build a Shed" project active with an initial task that says "Wait for Tree Removal project".

Instead, put the "Build a Shed" project on hold and add a final task in the "Tree Removal" project that says "Activate the Build a Shed project". This would be the final task before closing the Tree Removal project. This way the shed project will be hidden just as you desire and you won't lose the dependency on the active project.

You can also have more than one dependent projects waiting on the active one, just make an additional task for each one that needs to be activated when done. This has the benefit of easily tracking how many projects are waiting in a single location. The last three tasks in the "Take down trees" project might be:

- Activate "Build a Shed" project
- Activate "Paint fence" project
- Activate "Plant new hedge" project

A quick look at the tree removal project and you instantly know what the dependencies are and you can keep the other three projects on hold and hidden until those tasks are done.

The other benefit of this approach is that it preserves the definition of "stalled" projects and keeps the usefulness of identifying and fixing stalled projects as mentioned by the earlier posters.