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b) In the video tutorial you can limit the data sent out in the report with filters, but I cannot see these in my installation of OP
View->Filter Tasks is the command you use. See "Filtering the task outline" in the Help command for more details.

3 - Because of the way I am using OP (all projects in one file) when I add a new task it puts it at the start date for the project. Is there a way of changing this so it defaults to today
Not really, but you don't want it to do that. Setting the start date on a task by any means other than linking it to resource availability or start/finish of other tasks anchors that task at a specific point in time and it won't shift around as the rest of the project changes. Assign a resource to it or make it a dependency of some other task and the leveling process will put it where it belongs. Newly created tasks default to a scheduling method of "as early as constraints allow" and if you haven't put any constraints on by assigning resources or dependencies or a scheduling constraint, that's effectively a task you could have done the day the project started. If you are determined to have these tasks "floating" at the current date, you can select a whole bunch of them at once and use the inspector to set a start constraint of the current date. Now you'll have a big cluster of unconnected tasks in the middle of the chart instead of at the left edge, which is an obvious improvement :-)