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I agree to an extent with the OP. I don't like the black background and the fact that data is presented to the user in overly-large coloured blocks. I still think it makes my iPad look like a Fisher-Price toy. The size of fonts and sheer amount of wasted space shocks me.

The iPad screen real-estate is a limited/finite space in which you need to maximise its use. Every pixel is just as precious as the iPhones. I don't think the overall aesthetics of this UI do the underlying software any justice. OmniFocus is a professional application, mostly used by professional people as a means of optimising their productivity, career, monetary and life goals.

This UI does not portray that functionality at all. It really needs to be changed to more professional looking design. The screen real-estate needs to be re-thought. Until this happens, I'll continue to use it, but every time I launch it on my iPad and see that UI pop up, I can't help but chuckle to myself :confused: