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If you don't like seeing them, you can use View->Hide Parent Items in Context Mode to hide them. It's a toggle, so you can turn it back on at any time.

Also, if you aren't hiding them, then viewing Available actions instead of Remaining actions will hide them except when all of the contained actions have been completed (or there are none), at which time they will reappear. This allows you to quickly spot that you've completed all the work you've set for yourself on a project (and thus be alerted that it is time to add some more or mark the project completed).

Yet another approach is to exclude the No Contexts bin from your regular working perspectives, by de-selecting it in the sidebar before saving the perspective, or just cmd-clicking it if you only want to temporarily remove it from the view.

I have contexts assigned to some projects, but not all. If it makes sense for a particular project to have a default context (all of the actions are going to be in the same context, for example) then I will add one. If not, either I won't add one at all, or I'll add a dummy context that I know no action should ever be assigned to.