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But does good information design impose the need to devise and learn mnemonics ?
It definitely shouldn't... but OF2 doesn't need them... and I suspect you have deliberately misinterpreted an analogy for a mnemonic in order to suggest that.

I have found that with a few shifts to the OS7 design, I have grumbled initially because the UI was not what I have learnt.

What I have realised in most of those cases is that the new UI makes more sense and is more intuitive, but it is different. Because I have learnt the old behaviour, it is jarring and I have misinterpreted that jarring for bad UI.

I am, on the whole, finding that I have less need now to remember "the right way to..." and I can just get on with doing.

For OF2, the fact that I now find it far easier to do stuff with OF2 iPhone than OF1 iPad was an eye-opener. I find that the iPad version is more long winded and seems to take more effort. The fact that on a smaller screen OF2 is easier to use says a lot to me.

My only real grumble with OF2 is that Omni seem determined to try to keep open a need for the Mac version by leaving out basic elements from the iOS versions. Some are simple (time estimates), some slightly harder (non-photo/audio attachments) and some more complex (editing perspectives).