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Interesting tactic, slam the program, then ask for help. Reminds me of the old restaurant review: "the food sucks, and the portions are too small" :-)

The concept you're looking for is that of magnets. Briefly put, they act as connection points for lines. If you select a shape and make a connecting line to another shape, if you haven't set up any magnets, the line will go from center to center (though only the portion between the shapes will be drawn). If you select a shape, tap the (i) button to bring up the inspector, and select the Connections section, you'll find controls for magnets. You can choose the magnet layout for each shape independently, or select a number of objects and set them all at once. Once you've chosen your magnet setting, you can drag the ends of lines to any magnet, and while you are doing so, the magnets will be visible.

See the help for "Making Changes to Connections" for pictures.

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