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Anyway, I am a bit sick of selecting each one individually all the time and changing the date in the Inspect pop up window.
So don't do that. Select them all at once, bring up the inspector, change the dates for the whole selection simultaneously. Of course, if each one is supposed to have a different date, this isn't helpful. If you wanted to adjust each date by the same amount, you might use Dan Byler's Defer script, which can be downloaded from Installation and use tips for OmniFocus scripts can be found at FAQ: Installing & running an OF applescript

Ideally the project or "parent task" should be seen in the context view with all its sub-tasks underneath. I can see now researching this more it is a common request and has been stated it is on the roadmap ages ago, so hopefully they will do it. I dont understand why its not there to be honest.
For most configurations of context view, it wouldn't make sense. About the only grouping for which is does make sense is grouping by project, and if you group and sort by project, you get what you are requesting, except that the project follows its children instead of preceding them. The reason for that behavior is so that as you work the project, you check things off one at a time, finally marking it complete by checking off the parent, which becomes available only after all of the children are complete. In my opinion, they haven't done anything here because there's nothing that needs to be done :-)

If you are looking at context view, and you see something you would like to see in project view where everything is in the hierarchical structure you expect, click on the row handle (the dot to the left of the name) to select the row, then either option-double-click or right-click and select Focus in New Window. You'll get an additional new window focused on the project(s) containing the selected item(s). You can switch that window into context view if you like, and it will only show you the actions from the subset of your database. It's a rather powerful feature, especially if you want to work "head down" on a select list of projects today, but wish to keep all of the OmniFocus tools at your disposal. At the start of your work session, select the projects, do the Focus in New Window, and have at it. When you've done as much as you can, you can close the window and go back to your usual practice. If you've selected a group of work-related projects, for instance, you won't see any of the tasks relating to your garage remodeling project.