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Select them all at once, bring up the inspector, change the dates for the whole selection simultaneously.
Yes thats what I am doing. I meant I have to click on each one individually to select them, there are many, and they may be mixed in with other tasks I dont want to select, so I cant just drag to select, have to click each one individually.

The rest of the comments is too much trouble, its supposed to be a productivity tool, so I just am trying to see if I can get it to work to my work flow, not adjust my workflow to the software. I use OF because its more customisable to meet my workflow than others I use, except for this one issue, being able to view sub-tasks of a task/project in context view. Totally makes sense to me. I dont want to switch screens. Just need to group sub-tasks together in a project or parent task, that is due on a certain day.

Would be even better if each sub task had different dates then these show in different Due dates, under the parent project/task (which may not have a date) so you see that parent several times on the different due dates of each sub-task.

Either way, grouping sub-tasks under a parent is the important factor to separate them all out from unrelated tasks in the flat list.