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Thanks for the detailed reply. I will have to think on it longer it may mean a change of workflow to use this, but my workflow works really well to be honest. the Due Date is critical for me to plan what I am doing on what day. I allocate a set number of tasks to certain days and work through them, and it helps schedule in new work, I can put it on the end (e.g. next week) and inform the customer it wont be until then. It also give me a lot of satisfaction knowing I completed most or all my tasks for that day by the end of the day, which is important. Due dates work really well for me, I have only today open too, so I am not reviewing tasks I scheduled for the future, just forget them until the time comes.

Some tasks are just not important to do on a particular day. Not many are actually, some are just more important than others, so the day scheduling just allows me to break down my many tasks in manageable chunks per day. So the not so important ones can be moved back due to new important tasks coming in everyday, or tasks taking longer than I thought.

So its these tasks I just want to change date once and have them all moved. Dont want to change all tasks it takes time.

What I have done in the short term is create a new project called Someday, and put them in there. I add the date to the project and not the tasks. I can go into the Project view and change the date. Its still not ideal. Ideally the project or "parent task" should be seen in the context view with all its sub-tasks underneath. I can see now researching this more it is a common request and has been stated it is on the roadmap ages ago, so hopefully they will do it. I dont understand why its not there to be honest.

I understand that changing workflows is not easy. But this was the only way for me to deal with the madness of having to reset the start date to tasks and projects all the time.

Putting things "on hold" was the best choice for me instead of just resetting the start date.

If you are worried about due dates, I'd look at the Due perspective first and try to accomplish anything overdue or due soon first before I even look at the other perspectives.