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I often bring my work home and I use Omnigraffle for all my flowcharting work. The flowcharts I create are huge - 42" x 100+", and I create dozens of them. The flowcharts incorporate screen shots of a UI I'm working on and there are hundreds of these images in each file. To keep the file sizes low, I don't embed the images into the document, I link to the images instead. This works great until I try to bring the Graffle files home. I typically zip the whole lot (files and images) together to keep all the images in exactly the same folder structure, and copy it onto a thumb drive. Unfortunately, all the links are lost when I unzip and open the Graffle files on my computer at home, and all my screen shots are gone. I wind up with files with hundreds of empty boxes and I'm unable to work. Is there a fix for this? Do image links use relative path names or do they follow a computer-specific path?