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I'd like to pitch in to keep this alive, since I think there are possibilities here.

I had been using OF for everything and then discovered Daylite. Daylite fit my work needs much better than OF did and now I'm using it for my work.

On the other hand, for my non-work life (such as it is) Daylite is overkill. The idea of using it on that aspect of my life is like hiring a battleship to sail across a pond.

But there are things that I do that live in both my work and my non-work lives and it would be nice to have the two able to talk to each other without scrambled syntax.

Also, it would be really nice to be able to set up a live link from OO (where I create and store my long-term goals) and OF so that I could clone a sub-goal in OO into a project in OF. <whining sarcastic voice on>Of course, I can't even clone a topic in OO into another line in the same outline<whining sarcastic voice off> but I'm told that someday that function will appear. When it does, I hope it will bring the capacity for that kind of link bounding along with it...