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Even if you don't think it makes sense to construct projects in Context Mode I still think it would still be useful if you could quickly Turn an Action into a Project via Keyboard short cut while in Context Mode and have the Project title be the same as the Action title.
Ah, so you want Edit->Outlining->Outdent to work like it does for things in the Inbox; outdenting an action there turns it into a project of the same name. I'm not quite sure why the Edit->Outlining commands are available at all in Context mode, as I have yet to find a situation in which I can get anything but an error message or an "I can't do that" beep, though they do change availability depending on what grouping options I've set...

In any case, your best bet for getting a change in the program's behavior is to use the Help->Send Feedback command in the program to ask. Requests posted to the forums aren't necessarily entered in their database for consideration.