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1) Often I notice a typo in an item that I need to fix. I wind up stabbing my finger at the spot and hoping it drops the cursor reasonably close to my problem so I can fix it without deleting everything after it. My question: is there an arrow key to move left and do this for me?

2) Is there a way to type capital letters?

3) Is there a way to turn off autosuggestions while I'm typing?

These are general iPhone questions really, as the way this works isn't exclusive to OF. Also, you're not even in the iPhone part of the OmniFocus forums!

1) Hold your finger on the screen above the text until a magnifying glass appears, then drag to position the curser where you want it. There are no arrow keys. Everyone I know with an iPhone, me included, thinks this is an appalling method (especially when combined with the lack of a select feature or cut/copy/paste), totally at odds with the ease of use of the rest of the iPhone UI.

2) Umm, yes; tap the shift key. Double tap to get caps lock (you may need to turn that on in settings)

3) No, but why would you want to? Give it some time and because of it you'll be able to type faster on the iPhone than on any other mobile devise. That's my experience anyway - the auto complete is stunningly useful.