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As for the debate over whether there are customers for OmniOutliner on the iPad, did you not notice that the reason for the stated change in plans was the large number of requests for OmniOutliner on the iPad?
This forum is full of requests for cloning/aliasing & multiple schemas/column layouts. The number of requests, and the reasons for them, aren't why OG is trying to ride the iPad wave. Almost all requests for enhancements to OO/OOP are from existing customers. OG is after new customers, and those who have been waiting for years for features will just have to wait longer.

I don't blame OG for going after the iPad business - early to the App Store means they can scoop up early adopters and tout an established track record for OG apps. I just think it's a shame that it has to be at the expense of those who had reasonable expectations for certain features in OO/OOP 4. OG was asking for OO/OOP 4 feature requests/suggestions four years ago and even started a thread specifically asking about 'cloning/aliasing in OO4?' two years ago.

Those customers for OmniOutliner on the iPad could very well have certain expectations of OO/iPad that won't be met by the OO/iPad feature set. If that's the case, well, they can just get in line with the others who are waiting for the next version.