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Disclaimer ;-) Resources are always limited - and with so many great Software products and a Hardware playground that grows at Apple's pace, it's sure a difficult task to prioritize. From the forum discussions it is obvious that Omni invests a lot of careful considerations behind all this. (Most of which users like I can't even imagine. I'm not even a programmer - I'm only a product manager in an all different industry.)


That new Apple toy thing is sure great. But although we are all thrilled with the iPad, the vast majority of us still use those good old Macs and iPhones and most likely the rough ratio will remain for a while still.

Hence I'd expect Omni's resource priority to be with Mac/iPhone/iPod. At least to value your installed base (OO sure being one of your best sellers). And at least for basic functionality.

Here's my view of "basic":

1 (multiple columns): NOT in a 1.o Version
2 (formatting): NOT in a 1.o Version
3 (attachments): NOT in a 1.o Version

4 (editing): YES - but only for the level of information it contains (see 1-3)
5 (syncing): YES.

I understand that OO (Mac) 4.o is key to any kind of syncing - so this is clearly where I would like to hear about and see progress first.

In summary I'd suggest to hand out an OO (iPhone) Alpha with the above minimal feature set in parallel to your OO 4.o development as soon as the progress there allows for something that meets Omni's Alpha standards.

Keep up the good work, friends. Please just don't get all distracted by that new shiny, touchy plaything. It's sure the future for some of us (myself included at some point in time, I guess). But there's sheer needs for the present from the rest of us as well. "Present" meaning since the iPhone has been launched...

Cheers, Chris