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I'll give you that .oo3 files should have an "Open in..." capability in the DropBox app, and I'm guessing that will come in time. Not sure if that's up to Omni or Dropbox to change.

But what are you missing? We don't need to get into a whole thing here, but the reason for wanting Dropbox is that other apps do support it? I don't know of a single app on par with OmniOutliner for iPad (the sentence could end right there) that has Dropbox sync. The only ones that I can think of that do are either text editors or task managers, something OO isn't (though of course you could use it for either of those things).

This WebDAV solution is a bit hacky, sure, but it offers more control and less buginess than what would come from Dropbox Sync. I use DropBox sync-ing text editors all the time and I've run into sync problems with all of them. I would love to see an Omni Sync Server service a la OmniFocus that is seamless, but in the meantime I'm able to solve my workflow problem of editing here and there with WebDAV import/export.

For a long time I've used CarbonFin's Outliner app, which allows for a sync method to their webapp. From a web browser, one can download as Text, OPML, and a few other formats. It offers "sync", but you can't actually work on the outline in other software without downloading a file. The OO system on Day 1 is much much easier, even though CarbonFin can say they have "sync".

I know OO iPad will only get better with time. Today it's at top of the outlining class.