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I have been using OF iPAD for about a month. I have set up a folder structure separating both work and personal, then have broken work down into two businesses, and then areas\divisions of the business ALL in folders. Then within each division creating my projects. I also have a project for miscellaneous single actions as well as routines for each business. I am dumping everything into my inbox and processing on a daily basis. So far so good. Now I am trying to 86 my paper daytimer and ToDo(another task manager) and use the product 100% for some simple sorting\reviewing\processing and struggling big-time. I'm trying to make the iPod a standalone tool as I live in the PC world. I am looking for any and all suggestions to help accomplish the following.
1) weekly processing \planningóconduct weekly planning\reviews and build\identify a standalone "list\view\perspective" of actions I select to be completed for the upcoming week. This list would need to include any and all weekly rituals\reviews\routines
2) identify\highlight most important tasks -- within the weekly list highlighting just the most important high-level functions that should be either completed or worked on for the upcoming week
3) daily processing\planning -- conduct daily planning\processing\reviewing and build\create a daily list of tasks that need to be accomplished for that day during a daily planning session. This list would need to include any and all daily rituals\routines\reviews using repeat function.
If I can lick of these three functions this program becomes a home run for me. If I had to give one of those up it would be number two as I could probably do a workaround using all caps or something with text.
I have been advised to use start dates\flags\due dates and all seemed to have issues. I have thought about scrapping contexts and using contexts to build lists\views. To help out and make up for that by starting each task with a verb context (e-mail Joe, call Sally, etc. etc.) I I would really appreciate if anybody would share with me how they process weekly and daily within a busy business world of multiple tasks \roles \changing conditions etc. etc. Any and all help\suggestions\tips will be sincerely appreciated