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Again Brian thx for the quick response.

I have a well established habit of reviewing all of my projects, past due and upcoming tasks every Monday, and selecting /writing down the 25 - 35 tasks I want to accomplish for the week. That constitutes my goals for the week. Then each day I select the most appropriate 6- 10 tasks which is my todo for the day.

I am looking for a view/perspective to mirror same. Specifically:
1) review all projects, Misc single action lists, weekly routine lists in of each Monday then select/identify the 25- 35 tasks I want to complete or work on for the week and have a perspective/view of these 25 - 35. we will call it weekly todo list. as new things come in my Inbox during the week that need to be started that week I select/identify/ move them to the weekly list

2)each day be able to review this list and select/identify(possibly move) 5- 10 items
from the weekly view to a " daily perspective /view" and cross out as complete . The next day unselect /"move back" any non complete items from the previos list, and select/identify 5-10 new items for next day. This gets repeated until Friday
3) upon the next weekly review, incomplete items from the last weeks perspective either get moved back where they came from or stay/get selected /identified fir this weeks list/perspective.

I tried using a start date of Monday on selected tasks and I just could not get a clean view/perspective, and I keep reading to be very judicious w start dates. If I could get a clean weekly perspective, I know I could easily flag my daily list, but that view( flagged) is all over the place w repect to which roles, business's, areas they came from. I have considered using contexts for weekly and daily and just changing contexts to move things around and get the perspective I seek, and then try to use descriptive verbs in the beginning of my tasks as my contexts.
Could you please comment and let me know your thoughts. Thx for your help

Or move back or unselect so it stays in the weekly list.