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Hello Dave,

It was nice chatting with you yesterday! Here are my thoughts on your questions:

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1) weekly processing \planningóconduct weekly planning\reviews and build\identify a standalone "list\view\perspective" of actions I select to be completed for the upcoming week. This list would need to include any and all weekly rituals\reviews\routines
In the iPad version of OmniFocus there is a "Review" mode that you can utilize for this purpose. During the review process you can change its next review cycle from the bottom of that screen for each individual project. That allows you to push out things that you know are not going to need a review for a couple weeks, then revise that decision when the time comes around again.

The default review setting can be changed by using this link: <> You can also send a project to review if you feel it needs to be looked over sooner by touching and holding the project's title bar. That will bring up some options, one of which is "Review."
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2) identify\highlight most important tasks -- within the weekly list highlighting just the most important high-level functions that should be either completed or worked on for the upcoming week
While reviewing you can go through and flag things you'd like to highlight for that week so they are easily accessed through the "Flagged" perspective.

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3) daily processing\planning -- conduct daily planning\processing\reviewing and build\create a daily list of tasks that need to be accomplished for that day during a daily planning session. This list would need to include any and all daily rituals\routines\reviews using repeat function.
I think that like Brian mentioned, once you get in the habit of using OmniFocus the daily processing will be innate. To get you started I would recommend using the "Forecast" and "Flagged" modes. Forecast can show you the things that are on a time line, or "Due" while the Flagged mode can show you what you'd like to accomplish for the week.

The warnings you're reading about the use of due dates is not so much about limitations of the software but more about stressing yourself out. If you set a due date for something that doesn't really need to be done on that date, and then you don't get around to it- you have to go in and make changes that were unnecessary. Now imagine if you did that 100 times a week. That's time and energy that could be used getting things done. That being said, if you'd like to use those due dates to put some things in the Forecast, and that works for you- go ahead!

OmniFocus is meant to allow you to customize it in a way that works for you. What's "right" for you can be completely different from what's "right" for someone else.

I know we talked about the coaching offered by the David Allen Company, and you didn't think it was what you were looking for, but it couldn't hurt to just call and see what they have to offer. Their number is: 805-646-8432 and you can check out their coaching services page here: <>

Let me know if that helps or if there's anything else I can do!