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One thing you can do for linkage is to put a link to the dependent item in the notes of the prerequisite action. Select the dependent, do Edit->Copy as Link, and paste into the prerequisite's note. You can do as many as you want, so if you had one action gating several different actions (or even projects), that's not a problem. Then when you check off that prerequisite, you click on the links to bring up new windows focused on the project containing the linked item and make them active (take it off hold, change the start date, do the work, or whatever). You could of course put a link back to the prerequisite in the dependents as well.
Is that the extent of linking abilities? "Copy as link" does work, but I find it clunky. Is there something more like a "hyperlink" that stays in the same window, but jumps to the link target location? Maybe even with a "back" button to jump back to the starting point. I'd rather avoid multiple windows.