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That's already in OmniGraffle Pro:

True, Jonathan, but the Boolean actions are still not as well implemented in OGP as they were in Intellidraw.

The other thing which sbwoodside doesn't mention was the amazing gradient maker, which allowed you to set any number ... I never tried to find out if there was a limit ... of intermediate colour points, so creating something like a spectrum was as easy as falling off a log!

I too was a great fan of the really nifty, tiny footprint drawing app, which disappeared off the map when Adobe took over Aldus ... or rather many of its features went into the development Illustrator where they got bloated and urecognisable. I've still got a copy on a zip disk, though I haven't used it for some time. When I move up to a MacBook Pro I might well keep this machine simply to be able to run it under classic if needed. To me, it was one of the really brilliant applications developed for System 8 ... like Word 5.1.