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"What I haven't seen are many people who have joined the ranks of Omni customers as Omnifocus Users. It's a fairly new product, so I'm not going to put that out of perspective."
I have!! I'm a "graduate research assistant" (read low-paid academic researcher) and I was looking for something to manage my research projects and some 20-30 potential collaborations with different people--I wanted to views, which is basically the plan view and the context view. My husband sent me a link to some Merlin thing, which said it was compatible with one of the Omni things.. and I found OmniGroup. I've since purchased OmniFocus, OmniOutliner and probably will get DiskSweeper.. and maybe once I'm not as low-paid, I'll get OmniPlan to help plan courses.

THIS SOFTWARE IS AWESOME! And, since I'm from Seattle, just add up a few lattes and parking fees--bike and brew my own--and the cost of the software is covered. Now if only I'd purchased them all at once to take advantage of bundle pricing.

Oh yeah, full disclosure, I'm a graduate student so I qualified for academic pricing, but given what grad students are paid, I'd say that's probably the equivalent of the $80 fee.