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Is there a way (yet) to have Escape actually cancel? When I set the preference to "force myself" to use Escape, it now does auto-completion. Which I understand is a standard Mac-ism, but (as a new Mac user) that's gotta be the dumbest standard Mac-ism I've ever seen. Escape, since the dawn of terminals, means, well, escape! I feel like a customer being hounded by a salesperson: "Are you sure you want to leave? Maybe you'd just like a different product? What if I give you a free month?"

Is there some way - via escape, or another key - to say "take me out of editing mode and undo anything I've just typed"? Undo is the obvious alternative, but it's sluggish, it sometimes takes a few repeats to do anything visible, and it doesn't always leave me with the right selection/field focus.