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What changed was that the MobileMe calendars changed from local+synched to server-based calendars (which are much more robust). If you elected to upgrade MobileMe a couple months back, that is. OmniFocus doesn't currently support server-based calendars. And I don't expect Apple will "fix" this, as it was an intentional change to something that's more reliable and better in many ways.
I don't mean Apple should fix it, I mean OF. Syncing with a calender is a must when you have a lot of date specific tasks. Otherwise its yet another separate system and for me there are enough already (everything above 10,000ft, checklists, etc). It also means inadequate mobile device reminders etc (I have always used a widget on my android phone to show a google calender with appointments/date specific tasks). Overall I think calender sync is a pretty basic feature and even most free GTD apps have it out of the box. I was very surprised when I found that OF only supported a local sync. Luckily I was still on a trial version when I found out.