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Hi, whPalmer4.

You are giving me hope!

Since I am just starting to find out scripting, I didn't know what to do with yours...
I know it works because I could call the script from the Scripts menu in the Menu bar. So I just select the tasks whose notes I want deleted, select the script from the menu and voila!

Now, while it works, I would need something more sophisticated if I want to really automate this.
I would like to automatically erase the notes from the tasks that go into OF via a "+omnifocus" email.

I tried adding another Run Script command in Mail's rule (after the default OF script), but rules only admit one script.
I tried placing your script on another rule immediately below, but it didn't work (obviously).

I tried opening OF's default Mail Action applescript and pasting at the end of it your script. It was a looooooooong newbie shot, and it didn't work either (no wonder).

I guess what I'd need to do is to add to the OF's Mail Action Script a section where those tasks get selected and pass that selection to your script. That would do what I want automatically, yes?

Is there a way to join those 2 scripts into one?
Would that require lots of extra code, or a simple joining routine could work?

I've been messing around with the scripting dictionaries. This is not the kind of thing one learns in an evening... I'd probably need months of study to learn to make my own scripts.
I will schedule some time every week for learning this little by little.

In the mean time, am I in the right path?
Any pointers or suggestions I could research?

Thank you : >)