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This is GREAT!

I have to tell you I am VERY happy. These are a few of the reasons, all related:

- Doing what I wanted IS possible

- You were kind enough to come up with a great and easy solution for me and posted it : >)

- I started getting into scripts (watched a bunch of tutorials) and found out how powerful they can be. They are approachable and I could learn them well.

- I found the solution you offered me on my own by "brute force" (I spent the whole night reading/watching tutorials about scripts and trying out things in Mail and iCal. I was trying to change the way iCal emails the messages. None of that worked, but then, with the little basic scripting knowledge I acquired throughout the night, I opened OF's script instead and found the lines:

set theText to theSubject & return & content of theMessage

It was the only place where I could see some kind of reference to the mail message. At first I tried deleting everything after the first & sign... It didn't work.
So I tried only deleting the & content of theMessage part and leaving the rest alone. It worked!!

Not as elegant as your solution, and it took me the full night to discover it, but the key thing was always in that little line of code.

Obviously, your solution is more sophisticated and better implemented. But you've inspired me to continue learning about scripting.
I'll approach it as learning a new language (so I'll speak spanish -my native language- English and scripting ! ).

Palmer, than you so much for your help!
I hope I can repay it one day by helping others when I become an expert OF user (you've certainly been contributing to this!).

Also, I will post here a few of the video tutorials I watched yesterday. They were extremely helpful (at an introductory level) and made me understand how it all fits together. Hopefully someone will find them useful.

I'll do that ASA get home.

Again, thank you very much!