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To narrow down what's going on here, can you open up the "creating a computer-to-computer network" page of Mac Help? We want to use the steps on that help page to connect the two versions of OmniFocus directly. You can use that help page to set up a network on your Mac; once that's been created, you can have OmniFocus on your phone connect to that instead of your "normal" wireless network.

Once they're connected directly, is OmniFocus on your phone able to find your Mac and sync? If so, let us know and we can start investigating why OmniFocus is having trouble doing so on your 'normal' WiFi network.

If the ad-hoc network also doesn't work, can you please try the following?

1. Make sure OmniFocus is running on your Mac, Bonjour is enabled, and the computer-to-computer network is available.

2. Tap "Settings" on the iPhone, then set Airplane Mode to "On". (This will temporarily turn off all networking, including Edge, 3G, and WiFi.)

3. Next, please set WiFi to "On", then ensure that you're connected to the network you created on your Mac.

4. Press the Home button on the iPhone, exiting the Settings app.

5. If it's not visible, wait for the WiFi "fan" graphic to appear at the top of the Home screen. It should appear near an airplane icon, which indicates the phone is in Airplane mode.

6. When the WiFi "fan" is visible on the home screen, please launch OmniFocus. Ensure that the WiFi fan remains visible at the top of the screen in OmniFocus.

7. Hit the "synch" button at bottom of OF screen - it should sync fine now, but if it doesn't, make a note of any error messages that appear and let me know what you see.

8. Once the sync completes, exit OmniFocus by pushing the button on front/bottom of the iPhone, returning to the Home screen.

9. Return to Settings and turn Airplane Mode "Off". The iPhone will re-establish a connection to the cell phone network. If you want WiFi "Off," you can disable it again.

10. You can disable the Bonjour network on your Mac, if desired.