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Did you ever get this problem solved about saying your database is offline? I've followed all the directions and no success. I open OF, go to preferences, choose #2 Connect to an existing sync database and in the drop down box it has my local computer address but next to it in parenthesis is says "offline." I've spent all day trying to find out what this means and how to fix it. If I click "sync" I get a message that says "unable to find sync server."

I sent the settings to my iPhone and the same local address shows up but of course it doesn't sync. I hope you've figured this out, it could be me :confused:, but though I've used OF since it's beginning, it's only half as good if I can't take it with me. Thanks!

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I've bought the iPod app and I'm a trial version of OmniFocus for the Mac. My broadband connection for the Mac is marginal and syncing across the Web is not reliable. I want to connect my two devices and sync them directly, the way I could sync a Palm and a desktop many years ago.

If I've understood what's going on, OF wants to use a sync database which is separate from the databases I can see on either machine. I set that up yesterday, and synced the iPod several times, so I thought everything was fine.

This morning the Mac tells me that my existing OF database is offline. I have no idea what that means - it's offline from itself?? - except that it probably explains why the iPod can't connect to it. That would make sense if the Mac couldn't connect to it either, but the Mac also tells me that it synced 10 minutes ago.

I hope someone can help. I've waited years for what I thought I was getting with this setup, and I'll be very disappointed if I can't get it to work.