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I'm using Chrome. But I tried in Pages, too.

I'm wanting to copy and quick entry. Won't work. I recorded control-option-space. Doesn't work.

Isn't it supposed to copy to the clipboard and then put in Omnifocus, or am I confused?
Perhaps you could be a bit more specific about exactly what you are doing. Pretend I can't see your fingers or screen :-) I think I know what you are doing, but can't be sure from your description.

There are two different places where you can record a key shortcut in OmniFocus: there's the clipping shortcut, and there's the quick entry shortcut. The quick entry shortcut (I use control-option-space) just brings up the quick entry window, but does not copy anything. The clipping shortcut (I use cmd-shift-, or as I think of it, cmd-<) copies the selected material into either the quick entry box or directly into your inbox, depending on your settings in the Clippings Preferences pane in OmniFocus.

"But why doesn't it work?", I hear you saying. Pages set ups cmd-< and cmd-> as zoom commands, and so intercepts the shortcut instead of allowing you to send the clipping off to OmniFocus (or OmniOutliner, in the case of cmd->). If you use a different keyboard shortcut not used by Pages (cmd-option-<, for example) Pages will allow the clipping service to be invoked.

Chrome is a different matter. It doesn't intercept the keyboard shortcut, but when you have something other than a URL in the address bar selected, it tells the Services code that no services apply, and so the clipping service isn't available. I don't know why it does that, or how to change its behavior. I think it is a Google bug, not an Omni bug, because if I visit the same page in Safari and select the same text, all sorts of services (not just Omni's) are available.