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I was trying to use control-space for quick entry and control-option-space for clipping, but that definitely doesn't work (for the latter).
I use control-option-space for quick entry, and a quick trial revealed that it works fine when Pages is the front-most application, so if you're having a problem using it in Pages, there must be something else going on. Does it work if you have a different application in front? Are you sure it recorded the shortcut successfully? If it did, it should show it in the recorder field when you reopen the Clipping preferences. If it shows "Click to record shortcut" then it didn't successfully record and set that shortcut. When I try using control-option-space as the clipping shortcut, it won't successfully record. It works fine as the quick entry shortcut, though. I have found some references to control-option-space being defined as "switch to next input source" something to do with multiple language keyboard support, perhaps? Doesn't really make it clear to me why it works for quick entry and not clipping...

If the only problem you have with using cmd-< is that it doesn't work in Pages, don't forget that you could just invoke the clipping service through the Services sub-menu under the Pages menu. If the bulk of your clipping is done in other applications, that might not be unacceptable (it's what I would do, because I like cmd-< and the only time I've clipped something from Pages is while trying to answer your post!)