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I had used Omnifocus both on my Mac and my iPhone and loved it. Because of really bad reception where I live (by provider ATT) we couldn't keep our iPhones. I now have an Android. The only think I don't like about my Android is that I can't have Omnifocus on it.

I understand that that will not change - at least anytime soon.
The complexity of Omni is much more than most applications can handle, and I get that.

The point of this post is to find out if there is a where to export a few of my tasks to my Android. For example, if I need to accomplish 7 things while I'm out running errands, I'd like to send that list of 7 things to my phone and see it in an easy-to-read format.

I have put 2 task aps on my phone to try them out. (I'd be open to another, though.) The ones I have are Astrid Tasks -and- DGT GTD.

Please help me find a way to just get a readable list to my phone.
(I've tried sending a PDF report and that is too small to read on my phone, unless I'm doing something wrong.)