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Why? Because some people have trouble with it, take it away completely? I disagree. Why penalize me just because some people can't find the DMZ button on their router? At least leave it with a huge caveat: FOR ADVANCED USERS. I never had any trouble with it.
The web interface was buggy and slow, and problematic for people who needed offline access while traveling via plane or subway. That's not to say these aren't solvable problems, just that Omni has a group of core features that absolutely have to be implemented for 1.0, and the web interface has to be tabled for the moment.

Besides, they didn't say they were removing it entirely, just from the prefs panel. Whether they hand it over to the open source community or leave it as an advanced, unsupported feature enabled via the command line, you can still use it.

And how do I mark that completed? How do I add a new task while on the road?
Like I said, the solution I proposed is a trade-off, but it's relatively simple, requires no advanced router configuration, works offline, and is fast fast fast.

As for capture, when I was using Kinkless, I hacked together an Applescript tied to a rule that worked quite nicely. When on the road, I would send an email to myself, and would flow it into my GTD inbox. Again, it has its tradeoffs. It's not as pretty as the web app, but it's fast and it works offline. (I think... I've never tried sending an email without connectivity. Does it queue it in an outbox?)

The OF web integration was actually very cool. And now, just because a few people were confused, OF has taken it.
I think you're oversimplifying the problem. I doubt the confusion over the feature--which would be considerable once released beyond a technically proficient alpha-testing audience--was the sole consideration in this matter. At the OmniFocus presentation at TekServe a few weeks ago, Ken made the goal for OmniFocus 1.0 very clear: feature parity with Kinkless. Once they have a stable release out there, they can roll a web interface into 2.0.

I would not count on Apple adding To-dos to the iphone just because they get Leopard out the door. The fact is, there is no good way to sync OmniFocus with an iPhone and now it looks really like there never will be. I'm very pessimistic now. I'll give it another 3 months and see if either OF or Apple decides to do the right thing by iPhone users, and if not, bye bye iPhone.
Lots of people are frustrated. I'm not quite so pessimistic, given the to-do functionality being integrated into in Leopard. No one knows for sure if it will sync to the iPhone, but it's the most plausible explanation for omitting to-do functionality from the initial release. We'll know for sure in a few weeks.