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Hey, there's no delayed gratification these days. NOW is the word, even if it's a hack today and has to be a total rewrite in 2 months. Spend the time!

Oh, and if you get too excited, there's Ritalin to enhance your focus. And wet-naps to clean off the drool from the Ritalin. And moisturizer to cure the chapping from the wet-naps.
OMG -- coming from the Windoze side of things (back to the Mac, I abandoned it in 1996 when Apple was floundering).....

Anyway, companies like Palm, still have their desktop software in beta for Vista. Total incompetance.

When I expressed dismay about products not being Vista compatible upon release, my Windows (Dell) newsgroup told me that apps usually take months after the release of a new OS. Well, when I was a computer professional that would be unacceptable.

But iPhone NOW is totally unrealistic.