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Okay, all good points from both replies so far, and well taken. Here are some thoughts based on those for further comment:

1. I especially appreciate the comments re: iPhone--I definitely don't want all kinds of attachments sync'ed to it, so that would be bad. However, I sometimes don't realize that there ARE files related to a given project unless I explicitly go look on my Mac, and then I have to remember what I called the project folder, etc. So, as ptone mentioned it might be nice to somehow know that there's a folder linked to the project somehow--even if I can't actually access it from the iPhone, a context menu from the project in OF on my Mac could bring up a Finder window pointing me right to it. Without this, I'm stuck with random Project directories that might hang around long after the project is closed, and then I forget what project it was for, and whether or not I still need it, etc.

2. In email, here's my real problem--if I want to capture the task in OF, great, I can do that. But if the task involves replying to the email, or if there are notes in the email related to an attachment, both of which I need to keep, then I need to keep the email somewhere, I can't get rid of it. But I don't feel like I can just have a single folder named "Projects" and just dump all emails into it that I clipped into OF--then when I finish a project I have to remember which emails were related to it and delete or file them into a reference folder. An alternative is to create a project folder in email for it, as it's easier then to locate them. But I have multiple email accounts for work, home, etc. so do I create a project folder in each one then? It just gets really cumbersome. How do other people do this?